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This platform was built by and for the Deaf community and designed as a culture and language fit for everyone.

Man signing "cool" with four icons next to him for Video, Sign, Phone, and Text.
of consumers prefer to interact with a human agent
52 %
of businesses are expected to compete mainly on customer experience
33 %
of consumers say customer experience is a key factor in purchasing decisions
61 %

Platform Features

Sign Live

Customers sign with a representative in real-time

Text Chat

Customers text with a representative in real-time

Sign Message

Customers send & receive recorded sign video messages

Audio Call

Customers speak with a representative in real-time

Comprehensive Features
For Your Business

24/7 Coverage, Multilingual Support, and More

  • Coverage From Your Website Instantly connect with your customers at your website using their preferred method of communication from anywhere in the world.
  • Better Customer Experiences Customers get real-time human connections with your team that lead to quicker issue resolutions, higher customer satisfaction ratings, and increased sales conversions.
  • Increase Satisfaction and Retention Seamless, secure, customer-centric communications that help you satisfy and retain customers with less effort and cost.
  • Security Security and Compliance - our WebRTC based platform can comply with the required securities of your organization.
  • Additional Features We offer seasonal coverage, crisis management, and business continuity.
ISO Secure, GDPR Approved, SOC 2 Tyle II Certified, PCI DSS Compliant, HIPAA Compliant

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