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Convert Deaf Callers
Into Loyal Customers

Reduce costs related to serving Deaf clients by partnering with a Deaf contact center.

Man signing "cool" with four icons next to him for Video, Sign, Phone, and Text.

Seamless Experiences

It's a simple process to set up any or all of our services. 

Live Video Support

Sign Language Video Mail

Text Chat Support

Step 1


With your collaboration, we evaluate your specific avenues of customer service to determine highest volume of calls and impact.

Step 2


We recruit expert deaf and ASL-fluent customer support agents in either shared or dedicated roles for your company.

Step 3


We create an ASL-based training that mirrors your English-led training to ensure every aspect needed for the representative(s) is covered. 

Ready to Launch

Deploy Services

With a simple plug-in, you can add the 360 Direct Video sign language customer support button to any pertinent pages on your website (‘contact us’, ‘accessibility’, etc.).

Post Launch

Quality Assurance and Reporting

We monitor calls and ensure KPI’s are met ongoing, providing reports on call volumes and representative scoring on a regular basis to ensure maximum success of your program.

Comprehensive Features
For Your Business

24/7 Coverage, Multilingual Support, and More

  • Coverage Representatives are available for coverage spanning a few hours per week all the way to 24/7/365.
  • Geography 360 Direct Video is U.S. based with 100% of our representatives providing ASL within the U.S.
  • Languages Our team has a global reach and we can support sign languages used in dozens of countries including LSQ (Canada), LSF (Canada/France), LSM (Mexico and parts of U.S.), BSL (Britain), and the many sign languages used in EuroAsia, and Africa.
  • Security Security and Compliance - our WebRTC based platform can comply with the required securities of your organization.
  • Additional Features We offer seasonal coverage, crisis management, and business continuity.
ISO Secure, GDPR Approved, SOC 2 Tyle II Certified, PCI DSS Compliant, HIPAA Compliant

Choose Flexible Pricing Models

Take control of your budget and customize your pricing plan to suit your business needs with our flexible pricing models.

Pick your experience.

Which Model Works Best?

We have a variety of plans and options based on your industry and specific needs. 

Knowing your call volume from Deaf callers will determine how to staff your call center sign language support team. We can work with you to pull reports of historical VRS data. Oftentimes Deaf callers are using your English queues, unknown and untracked by your organization, and are experiencing a subpar experience with multiple calls and escalations. We will help you determine what are the call arrival patterns and what times are most impactful for support. 360 Direct Video is able to adapt to ever-changing scheduling needs around your call volumes.

If you are an industry leader (one of the top 10 organizations within your industry), or currently have volume to support multiple spoken language support, you likely don’t even realize the thousands of deaf calls your organization is processing. Volume of Calls and Type of Support help determine what type of representative support would best benefit your organization.

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